Excel Releases High School Musical Dance Guide On Dvd

Players can now also experience a memorable year as Wildcats at East High. This allows players to move to the rhythm of hit songs alongside familiar places and favorite characters from all three films together with the next high-High School Musical 3 years. In conjunction with the theatrical release of the third installment of High School Musical franchise, Disney Interactive Studios and Excel Interactive launched a new dance video DVD drive, High School Musical 3-Year Senior Dance home video game on Windows-based PC.

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Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony On The Rocks

Us magazine cover story claims there is a crisis in the couple marriage as a week before the premiere, Marc Anthony too, was noted sans wedding band. They Both Didnt Wear Their Rings On Purpose, a source revealed to us. There are voices standing Hollywood that the marriage of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony is near the breaking point, after Lopez was seen attending the premiere of The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button last week, without his 8-carat engagement ring, wedding band without without husband, who is usually photographed by his side.

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Katie Holmes 30th Birthday Stroll

Its a great day for Katie Holme, as she turns the big 3-0 today! And just a little while ago, the brunette beauty was identified leaving his Soho apartment in New York City to kickstart his special day. The Mad Money mother arrived at a Manhattan Arts building, a model sporting black turtleneck top under a black wool jacket with slim fit jeans and a pair of red flats..

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The Quot Amazing Quot Brother Sister Tandem

The Amazing Race Season 13, broadcast on Studio 23, has sent 11 teams (each consisting of two people who have pre-existing relationship with each other) on a trek around the world for about 30 days. In every destination, each couple had to compete in a series of challenges, some mental and physical of others, and only when the tasks were completed they learn their next destination..

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Lisa Rinna Nude In Playboy

Want to see Lisa Rinn naked in Playboy?. L ex Dancing with the Stars competitor and days of our lives actress was asked to be extra if you were planning on laying bare for Playboy. Im The Worst Liar On The Planet I Cant Lie So I Think That Could Be A Ye, Rinn replied. Lisa Rinna is out to prove that plastic surgery - lots and lots and lots of plastic surgery - is sexy.

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